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Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting, like remote working, is on the rise, and for obvious reasons. There is no better time to become involved in this versatile and exciting industry, as it grows and flourishes into a part of business operations that no owner can live without.

But what exactly does it take to become a VA? In this post, we’ll go through the various stages of getting prepared for your first VA experience. Who better to advise you than our industry experts, Shellie and Charlotte?

1. If you don’t already know, your first step would be to understand what a virtual assistant is. If you haven’t already, give our blog post Virtual Assistants: What do they do? a read.

2. Know your skillset - it is vital to understand the types of services you are capable of offering. What do your skills specialise in? Is it design, data entry, call handling, administration, or something else? Figure out where your strengths lie and promote your business based on the things you know you can do best.

3. Understand the market - do some research. Try to understand what competitors within your VA niche are doing. And reach out to them! We have yet to meet a VA that isn’t keen to help someone in their industry and provide a few important tips. Check out our page - Support for Aspiring Virtual Assistants on LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s a great place to start!

4. Decide on how you’ll be charging clients. Your pricing plan is what you’ll present to clients when they inquire about your services and packages. Make sure your rates are fair, competetive, and purposeful.

5. Personal Branding - every business needs branding, and VA’s are not an exception. It’s important to have professional, visually pleasant online portals where potential clients and others in the industry can read a bit about you and what you do. We highly recommend creating a website for your brand and services, which you can do on various online builders including Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress. Join our groups for more tips on this! (Linked above)

6. One of the most important steps in your start-up journey - Market yourself! Making noise is the only way you’ll be heard. Invite your friends, family, old classmates, neighbors, postman, and anyone else you can think of to show your business some support by joining your group, liking your page, or sharing your website. There are many ways the people around you can support your journey, you just have to ask!

7. Become a part of an online community - or several! With this, we say - the more the merrier! Networking is an incredible way of growing your audience, reach, and connections organically. Stop scrolling and start engaging with the people you always scroll past!

8. Content, content, content. What would YOU want to see as a potential client scrolling online? By now, you would have figured out your niche. So start demonstrating your knowledge of that specific niche, and how your skills bring value to the industry. The keyword there - is VALUE. There is an average of over 8 million posts uploaded to Instagram, every day. You need to make sure you express your personality, create engaging graphics, and keep it unique.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we're here for you. Join our support groups, or message us directly for tips and advice from our experienced and professional team of Virtual Assistants.

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