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Top 6 services that businesses often outsource

If you ask around, the list of services that some businesses are outsourcing is endless. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 6 services that businesses often outsource, and could be looking to outsource in our experience ( hopefully, to you!).

Travel and diary management (Booking someone else’s holiday never get easier! 😭)

• researching and possibly booking travel.

• Researching and booking accommodation.

• General client management, scheduling meetings etc.

General admin tasks (the possibilities are huge😁)

• Fielding phone calls & taking messages

• Managing email inboxes and delegating requests to the ‘departments’

• Taking notes or minutes in meetings.

• scanning, cataloguing, the list goes on!

Online research and event management (These two often go hand in hand 😘)

• Researching quotes for anything from land hire to catering staff.

• Cataloguing suppliers used in the past.

• Managing client calls and requests

• Internal team organisation.

Marketing and web design (There’s a lot to do here! 💃🏼)

• Basic web design & maintenance (or advanced, depending on you skill set. That might be your thing!).

• Content creation, design and scheduling.

• Blog writing.

• Ghost writing & proofreading.

• Facebook ads.

Bookkeeping (Not our thing, but might be yours! 😉)

• Data Entry.

• Creating & recording receipts/invoices.

• Invoicing clients and customers.

• Issuing payments & managing accounts.

• Making recommendation for improvement.

CRM / database management (Customers - the most important part of any business ❤️)

• Maintaining customer data.

• Electronically storing and filing physical data.


These options are just a scratch on the surface! Businesses sometimes don’t even know they need to outsource, or just how much time (and money!) it could be saving them. Being conscious of what businesses might need individually is so important to the integrity of your business and the relationships you create. Be mindful in your approach to prospective clients, and most importantly, trust your gut!

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