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Top tips on getting your business started

Hello there, new business owners!

How’s your week been - madness or magic?

We know that figuring out where you need to be, what you need to be doing and the best way to do it can become incredibly overwhelming, especially if this is your first time branching out independently as a Virtual Assistant.

Here are some of the top tips on getting your business started that we’ve used right from the beginning. They've helped us establish a productive daily workflow, that we hope can help get you off on the right foot, too.

  1. Figure out your need to do’s VS your want to do’s. This is a big one and super important! There will be A LOT you want to do, but do you really need to do it… Your time is becoming more valuable by the second, so sorting out priority is key.

  2. Next, comes your team. If you’re a true solopreneur then feel free to skip this one. But if you’re a small business owner that has dreams of eventually expanding your team, then this ones for you. Finding out what your team are good at is a crucial step in creating a productive workflow. Make time to understand their strengths, weaknesses, as well as what they do and don’t enjoy. This will save you a tonne off back-and-forth between your team.

  3. Pre-arrange your social media, and schedule it using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite! Remember, never do this too far in advance, as things change faster than we can blink most of the time. But being ahead by a week or 2 can really help take the pressure off this absolute, non-stop business necessity

  4. Break your day into batches! It may SEEM like doing this wouldn’t help much, but trust us - it does! We know all too well the feeling of opening your inbox to emails from 5000 different people, whether they’re clients, colleagues or suppliers. Dedicate chunks in your day to manage things like this. Anything you didn’t get to, depending on the urgency, can be prioritised for the next day. Now, you have the beginning of a system!

  5. Benjamin Franklin said it best - “The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade”. There are SO many wonderful online tools out there that have been designed specifically for online business. The top 3 apps that we can’t live without - are Asana, Hubstaff & Canva.

Asana gives us the ability to assign tasks and communicate with our team and clients all in one space. It’s diverse and full of great organisational features.

Hubstaff is great for if you have a team, but also useful if it’s just you. It gives you the ability to keep track of all your time spent on different projects, at the click of a button.

Last but not least, Canva - is an incredible design app that is SO easy to use - and a much better alternative to things like Lightroom and photoshop if you’re looking to whip up a quick Instagram post design or Facebook banner. It’s also completely free!

We hope you fall in love with these hacks, just like we did. Let us know in the comments if they've made an impact on your day to day routines!

Keep an eye out for out next post - where we’ll be talking all about essential VA Tools!

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