Virtual Assistants: What do they do?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

There is a common misconception that a VA (Virtual Assistant) is the same as a Personal Assistant, only they just work remotely instead. Whilst this can be true, most of the time a VA's job role is very different from that of a PA. You may have a VA that solely spends their working days posting on social media, this is because a VA can really niche down their services and industries they work in as they can work with as many or as few clients as they like.

In some cases, a VA is more than that of an assistant and will even run parts of a business or project manage or manage a team. Often, a VA will refer to themselves as an Online Business Manager as it's a better reflection of what they do.

A virtual assistant may work alone, with a team, or for an agency, a VA may work full time, part-time, just weekends or evenings.

In summary, a virtual assistant is someone who will offer services for clients remotely.

As a VA myself, working remotely for 5 years in roles such as project management, business management, general assistant, and much more I would say the main benefit of being a VA is the free F's- Flexibility, Freedom, and Financial Independence.

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