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Working from home with children

We know just how difficult it can be to juggle work, kids and everything life tends to throw at you when working from home. We promise you that it does get easier, as you become more comfortable with the change, and as your kids adapt to the excitement of you being at home more!

The majority of our team have kids and juggle work and home life in one.

So what is the secret to remaining productive and cutting out as many distractions as you possibly can, all while keeping your little angels (or monsters 😉) entertained? Here are our team’s top tips:

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Prioritise!

There is NOTHING that breeds productivity more than prioritizing your workload in the most efficient way possible! Think about what’s best for you and how you prefer to work – not everyone needs 8 hours a day to get everything done! You can also prioritize and plan things around your family’s schedule – if you know the kids have sport on that Wednesday afternoon each week, then you know you have 2 hours of quiet time each week for you to sit down and get some of your more in depth tasks completed.

Do your hardest tasks – first!

This is a surefire way of reducing a whole lot of unnecessary additional stress. We know exactly how easy it is to want to put things off when the circumstances fit, but we promise this will only make you more stressed in the long run. Been given a difficult, more time-consuming task? Make that your first priority for when you have those 2 quiet hours on a Wednesday.

Create a quiet corner for yourself

Setting up a space that promotes calm and productivity is so important. Try and find a small room or corner as far away from your home’s central hub as you can. Being able to switch off and step into your own work zone can make a huge difference to how much you get done, as opposed to juggling baby bottles, toys and who knows what else when trying to work on the sofa.

Communication is key!

Especially in a family setting. Kids are sensitive, and if they don’t understand why the people around them are doing the things they’re doing, they might become confused or even sad. Have a family discussion about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it from home, and what needs to happen when you’re doing it. this should (hopefully) create a sense of respect around the fact that even though you’re at home, you are still working and need to focus that little bit extra.

Tag-team parenting

Take turns! Just as your kids need to adjust to this change, so does your partner or spouse. It’s important to discuss how this change will impact your dynamic as a couple living together, and help identify when boundaries or systems need to be put into place to help soften the transition and create a sustainable at-home work environment, that’s happy for everyone.

Set up snack and drinks stations

“Muuuuuuuuuum, what’s for luuuuuuuuunch?” they ask as they stomp down the stairs, for the fifth time today. Kids get hungry, and a lot of the time will be lazy about it (surprise, surprise). Setting up a snack and drinks station has the potential to save you from a world of eye rolls and frustration.

Be EXTRA kind to yourself.

When it all gets a bit much and it seems like everything is going wrong, just remember that you are only human, and sometimes we all need a small break (or breakdown!). Don’t take the stiff upper li[p approach, it’ll only set you back in the long run. Listen to your mind and body, and if it’s all getting a bit too much, make a plan to address that sooner rather than later.

Our team loves spending time with their families, and wouldn’t trade those extra precious moments for anything. Do you work from you already, or have you just begun the transition? What are you enjoying about it, or are you struggling a bit? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll do our best to help where we can! With the knowledge of 4 work from home mums at our disposal, we truly hope to give you some valuable insight.

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